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          The ancient ‘Palani’ is a  sacred place, praised by  Saint  Arunagirinathar in his Thiruppugazh and in Kandar  Alankaram. He says: 

          “ Adored by the people of fourteen worlds,

             the   Lord  resides  atop  the  Palani Hills  “ 

          In the Thiruppugazh, he praised this place as “Palani that is greater than Kasi” and as “Palani Hill that has many miracles”. He also feels sorry for his failure to start early worship of  Palani. In Kandar Alankaram he regrets that he “ missed reading about Palani, worshipping at the feet of Muruga Devotees, calling the divine name of ‘Muruga’, offering charities and sobbing with love and joy”. He doubts whether there is any salvation for him.  

          Many Tamil saints and scholars  have sung in praise  of the Lord of Palani. For example: Arunagirinathar has sung 97 songs (Thiruppugazh): Dhandapani swamigal has given as “Palani Thiruvayiram” and  Vijayagiri Velachinnavaiyam “Palani Pillai Tamil “.

           “Palani Malai Vadivelar  Sannadhimurai“ speaks of the discipline of Palani – worship,  the good results of this , the sacred ponds of Palani, and  the ‘Kavadi’ offered here. It points out the great benefits, as also the sure remedy for many ailments of the people. 


          Saravana poigai, near Thiruvavinangudi, and the Shanmuga River are the sacred  water- sources of Palani, where the devotees bathe before  worshipping at the Temple.


          The temple is open on all days from 6 AM to 8-30 PM. On Krithigai and other festival days it opens at 4 AM. Without any fee, all can have dharsan here.