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The Temple


India is a land of spirituality, with the vast and fertile Ganges plateau. Spanning 3214 KM south-north and 2933 KM east- west, it has an area of 32, beautiful state of Tamil Nadu is situated is the Southern region of India, with Chennai as its Capital. Palani town is 472 KM away from Chennai. It has area of 6.63Sq.KM and is located at 10.3 N and 77.3 E of the meridian. It is about 309-323 m above sea level, and has a rainfall of 560mm  annually. Getting rain by the North-East Monsoon, this town is situated 10 KM away from the range of the Western Ghats on the South, called the Palani Hills. Kodaikanal a famous tourist township is situated and these hills, at a height of  2133 M. The Shanmuga  River (consisting of Palar, Porundalar, Varadhamanadhi, Pachaiyar, Kallar and Kanar) flows from these hills and is 3KM  away from Palani. Its length is 19KM . Palaniís temperature is 22  c - 35 c. 

Details of the Palani Hills 

The Palani Hills, famous in the Sangam Literature, has a height of 160 Meters. It has a path around it, admeasuring 2.84 KM. The Hill has 689 steps to reach the top, and is surrounded by various medicinal herbs and trees  like Sandalwood ,Kadamba, etc., as also fields and groves. 

Important places around Palani 

Kodaikanal, the Queen of the south Indian Hills is situated near Palani and   is an import tourist centre. Perianayagi Amman temple, Periyavudaiyar temple, Dams at Palani  Porundalaar, the garden of herbs etc., situated in an area of about 7KM radius around Palani. The Kurinji Andavar temple at Kodaikkanal is a famous shrine. There is a temple for Lord Muruga at Poomparai. The Kurinji plant which blossoms once in 12 years is seen in this area.

Location of Palani

The Palani temple is considered to be the foremost among Murugan temples of Tamil Nadu. Thousands of devotees come and worship here throughout the year. Apart from the people of Tamil Nadu, those from Andra , Karnataka, Kerala, etc., also come from large numbers and worship here. So the temple here always has a festival look. Lord Gnanadandayudhapani, in the form of Guru, showers his grace on the devotees. This place is situated at a distance of 56 KM from Dindigul, 472 KM from Chennai, 114 KM from Madurai, 103 KM from Coimbatore, 126 KM from Erode and 156 KM from Trichy. Kodaikkanal is 64 KM away on the South of Palani. There is train facility to reach Palani from all the above places, except Kodikkanal, which can be reached by bus or car. As the above towns have air travel facility, visitors can reach Palani by car after reaching the above town by air from elsewhere.