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          The Palani Hill temple has been constructed on  the top of a hill. It is said that the temple was built by a Chera King. 


          On the outer walls of Lord Muruga’s shrine there are many edicts, made by some Pandya Kings, Sadayavarman  sundarapandiyan, Sadayavarman veerapandian, Veera Nanjana wudaiyar , Mallikarjuna Devarayar II and others. The edict by Sundarapandiyan is the oldest of all. He was also Known as Kongupandiyan and was the famous king of the later Pandya Dynasty . He ascended the  throne in 1251 AD. 

          From the inscriptions on the wall, he come to know that many kings have gifted lands and villages to the temple to enable the conduct of regular Poojas. In 1300 AD king Jatavarman sundrapandian gifted a village for carrying a special daily ‘Pooja’ in his name. It is called “Avani Vendha Raman Sandhi”. 


          In the front Mandapam of the temple there are many beautiful and artistic  sculpture pieces – live Siddhas in penance, parrot, peacock, deer, Karpaga vriksha (Divine Tree ) and so on. There are also icons of Dhandayuthapani. His devotees, as also ‘Yaali’ . At the entrance near the Raja Gopuram there are two nice sculpture pieces - a young lady carrying her child in the right arm and carrying a flower basket in the left; another beautiful lady , the friend of the first standing  in front of her. There are pillars with Yaali in the Paaravel Mandapam. In the ‘Ardha Mandapam’ there are sculptures of young, good looking damsels. They create a sense of admiration in the minds of the visitors.         

          The Tamils belive that Murugan resides where there is beauty. The ‘Sanctum’ of Dhandayuthapani Swami is full of art-work. The ceiling here having the ‘Kodungai’ design speaks  of the talent of the sculptors. The balcony - like structure on the outer side of this area adds beauty. 

          Such artistic work can be seen on the pillars of Thiruvavinankudi temple and Periyanayagiamman temple. In the Navaranga Mandapam here there are two pieces – the divine  dance of Lord Siva  and (opposite to this ) the dance of  Kali after her shedding her ego .


In the temple – walls of Periyanayaki Ammam Temple there is a beautiful  ancient  painting, revealing the art of singers, artists and dancers. It belongs to the Nayak period. 


          In Palani area , old coins of ancient kingdoms were also found.